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What Is Zytso?

This is not just an app but a Culture, a 21st-century movement by millennials for millennials.

We provide a marketplace that facilitates a safe and efficient environment for trade to take place, allowing travellers to buy the local experience.
Zytso is not only for tourists but for locals to try new experiences and hobbies outside of their social circles.

The World's First Fully Local Travel Experience App

Creative Design

With both an iOS and Android version with a very friendly UI design, allowing each user to have a personalized experience

Bank Level Security

It’s a mobile “Wild West” out there but fear not as your data is Secured

Advanced Technology

Designed to optimize user experience the app will operate quickly and effortlessly because it’s been designed specifically for the user.

For The Adventurous

Created with an ambitious mission to bridge social and cultural divisions by connecting people of different backgrounds with the common goal to celebrate life


Discover All Features


Travel Timeline

Timeline allows users to post a status and upload photos. You can also view who has opened, liked, or commented on your post in real-time


Ratings & Reviews

Users have the ability to give feedback on other users thus ensuring that everyone brings their A game!


Easy To Use

A seamless experience that even first-time users feel at home because of its simple and easy to understand the interface.


Travel Buddies

social networking feature that allows users to remain in contact with other users while being able to document their travel adventures with the option to share it with others


Instant Messaging

users have the ability to chat back and forth with fellow users individually and in travel groups.


Live Map

tells you the exact location and distance of nearby travel events. Also shows you the location of your travel buddies with their permission.


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Who We Are

Be A Beta Tester!

The App is under development, but you can sign up to be a Beta Tester. Please make the subject Android or IOS, And feel free to tell us about how you feel about Zytso in the Message. We look forward to hearing from you!


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